Wall Panels

Make a statement while minimising unwanted noise

– Wall panels

Make a statement while minimising unwanted noise

That’s the beauty of our bespoke panels. And when it comes to acoustic products and substrates, we have every option covered. From fiberglass acoustic insulations – a lightweight material that’s superior for efficiency – to acoustic foam, rockwool or pinnable cores. Our expert installation team will do the fitting on site to guarantee a flawless, snag-free finish.


Customisable fabric panels

Choose stretched fabric or traditional wrapped panels, combine ceiling and wall systems in one space, and take your pick from a vast choice of fabrics. You can even customise panels with graphics and patterns which works well for logos and branding. It opens up whole new possibilities for businesses to create a space that feels truly ‘on brand’.

One-of-a-kind art panels

Printing photographic or digital imagery on your choice of fabric is a powerful way to turn an average space into an experience. Art panels communicate a lot about your company’s personality or brand story, and can start to blur the boundary between office and art gallery. For added ‘wow’ factor, combine textures and graphics.


Including pinnable fabric wall panels as part of your Novawall track system gives you a useful tool for meetings and reminders – without compromising the aesthetics of the space. A typical pinboard system includes our 12mm Novawall profile, pinboard infill and a fabric finish to create a seamless look that matches the rest of the panels.

Autex panels

We’re proud to partner with Autex Acoustics, procuring and installing their products wherever the requirements match. They’re an innovative and environmentally-conscious manufacturer, investing in energy-efficient processes and eco-friendly alternatives, and they offer a diverse range of products that are suitable for a huge variety of applications.